Saturday, May 30, 2009

4 Wise Bride Experts featured on Style Me Pretty

Yesterday 4 of the Wise Bride experts were featured on the ultimate wedding blog, Style Me Pretty! The wedding tablescape features are the perfect example of how having a collection of truly professional vendors who work well together can make all the difference.

Notice that the location of the tablescapes is also at the same venue that the Wise Bride workshops and luncheon will be held in next week, the Holiday Inn Ft. Myers Airport- Town Center! It was the perfect backdrop for the video and photos. You can still purchase your tickets for the event at
Here is the link to the Style Me Pretty features
All the inspiration boards above were created by Abby Larson of Style Me Pretty. Images by Impressions Photography . Video by AMC Video. Cake by Kakes by Karen. Table design by Kelly McWilliams of Weddings by Socialites.
Simply put: Wise Brides have the best weddings. And who would settle for less?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Expert advice from Audrey Snow of Audrey Snow Photography

Here's an excerpt from a great blog post from Audreys blog post on "Budoir 101":

"There are a lot of questions and misconceptions when it comes to boudoir photography. This is a photographic specialty that is gaining more and more popularity, particularly amongst brides. Many women have heard and seen enough about it to know they are interested but not enough to have any idea what to expect. Since the start of Audrey Snow Photography I have photographed many boudoir sessions and answered even more questions on the subject. It seems about time to shed some light on the boudoir shoot for those still curious.

First off, I’d like to tackle a couple of common misconceptions I’ve heard regarding boudoir sessions.

1. “I would love to have photos like that of me if I had a perfect body. Maybe I’ll hit the gym hard for 6 months and then schedule something.”

Nonsense! One of the best things about a boudoir session is it is a gift to yourself. A gift to celebrate who you are and what you look like now, because truly, you’re gorgeous, even if you don’t yet realize it. We are our own worst critics, especially when it comes to our appearance. So give yourself a break and let someone else be the judge!

3. “I’ve seen glamour shoots on photographer’s sites before. It seems trashy. I don’t think that’s for me.”

Okay, it’s possible a boudoir session isn’t for you, but take a look at the difference between boudoir and glamour before you decide. Even between boudoir photographers, there is a big range of styles. My brand Allure Boudoir is based on a sense of natural femininity. Like a glimpse of a secret world, it’s flirty and intimate, sexy and natural, but NOT trashy or vulgar in any way. This feel comes from the use of tasteful yet seductive poses. It also is marked by the use of natural light whenever possible, soft dreamy focus, and natural, casual shooting environments (most often the client’s own home)."

You can read the rest of the post and see some of Audreys beautiful images on Audreys Blog

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Expert advice from Krista Kowalczek of Impressions Photography

Here's an excerpt from a great blog post from Kristas blog post on "The Before Pictures":
"The before ceremony pictures of the girls getting ready is a nice way to begin the documentation of the day, but there is so much more to the before pictures than just getting into dresses. This is the point where I am going to capture many of the details: the dress hanging, shoes, jewelry etc. I am also using this time to capture candid moments of family and friends as well as the bride. Lastly, I find this is really the best time to create portraits of the bride alone. Hair and make-up are perfect, there aren't as many people around us, it's by far the best time to capture those elegant images.

I have to admit, I love shooting the before pictures. There is so much emotion and always so many fun moments. I love being the fly on the wall and just waiting for beautiful moments to present themselves. I'm smiling just thinking about it!

Here are Jennifer's pre-pix. We photographed her wedding in November. There were a ton of great shots throughout the day, but here are just a few of the moments"

you can read the rest of the post and see quite the collection of stunning photos on Kristas Blog.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Expert advice from Ashley Brockinton of Ashley Brockinton Photography

Here's an excerpt from one of a great blog post from
Ashley Brockintons photo-log:

Wedding Day Makeup Tips for Gorgeous Wedding Photos

1. Hire a stylist you trust and trust them. Let them do what they think will look best on you. Some times giving them to many dos and don'ts will just confuse and overwhelm. Do, however, bring lots of photos of inspiration and you're dress. Let them help you pull your look together.

2. Matte makeup is good because it absorbs light and helps hide flaws and sweat.

3. Glitter=BAD. Light reflects off of it and it looks like there are little solar flares all over your face in pictures.

4. Go darker and heaver on eye liner and mascara. If you usually wear brown wear black. The more contrast there is between your eyelash line and the whites of your eyes the more your eyes will pop.

5. Don't be afraid of color on your eyes, but also don't feel pressured into color. If you want neutrals that's fine just go much more intense and sculpted.

6. LOVE false Eyelashes.

7. Use primer for skin and eyes to keep makeup sticking to your face.

8. No nude lips. Looks like you drowned and were resuscitated in pictures.

9. Define eyebrows. It makes your face look more structured and your eyes pop.

10. Stay away from tanning. God gave you a beautiful skin color that matches perfectly with your hair and eyes and personality. More importantly, too much tan makes you look orange next to everyone else in pictures.

11. Along the same lines as #10 go very light on the bronzer for pics. It looks muddy on camera. Pinks and peaches keep your face looking fresh and healthy.

Below are some of our former brides and models. In the pictures on the right they have their natural everyday makeup on. In person you would be able to tell they had a full face of makeup on but in the pictures (that were not contrived) you can't tell if they have makeup on at all. The pictures on the right were obviously professionally styled and... how great do they look? Notice how with each girl the dress dictates the style and then the hair and makeup match.

You can read the rest of this blog post, which includes photo and video by clicking here

Monday, May 18, 2009

Expert advice from Kelly McWilliams of Weddings by Socialites

Here's an excerpt from one of my most popular blog posts from Wedding Tidbits:
You wouldn't choose your venue ONLY because you saw it in your favorite magazine, so don't take this path with any other part of your plans.
You'd consider the costs, the location, the menus available, the atmosphere, the contract terms, what you get for your dollar, etc.
The good thing is that you can trust that preferred vendors are well versed on the property. Most of the time (please note that I did not say always), its okay to trust that the professionals on venue lists are quality, dependable wedding vendors. But this is not always the case, and there's much more to consider than this.
A few things to keep in mind when you start your vendor planning:
1. Realize that some venues charge vendors to be on their venue list or pay a commission every time they work there.
2. Realize that there may be many other reputable high quality vendors that are better for your event, better suited for your personality, offer better services/products.
3. Invest the time to compare. Get samples of each professionals work that applies to what you are asking for, and compare to other professionals.
4. Don't rule out vendor lists, but don't make them your play book either.
5. Get referrals from everyone, other vendors and previous brides (recent brides, married in the last 16 weeks).
6. Check out wedding planners blogs. Wedding planners are notorious for only highlighting good professionals because these are vendors who are good to their clients.
7. Remember that price is not everything and that great marketing is just that- great marketing (look deeper).
8. Look for experience and talent.
To read the entire post on Kelly's Wedding Blog: Destination Wedding Planner Kelly McWilliams: Tidbits on Weddings by Socialites: Preferred Vendor Lists

Friday, May 1, 2009

What is Florida Wise Bride?

The Wise Bride Workshop is not your typical bridal show. It's a way for brides to learn how to get the most out of their wedding through great planning and communication. There will be no wandering around in hopes of finding the right answers - we're bringing them to you. The day will include presentations from eight professionals speaking on their specialty. Experts will include:

Rob Epple, of AMC Video, will speak on getting the most out of your videographer.

Karen Vazquez of Kakes by Karen will give some expert advice on cakes that will wow the crowd.

Krista Kowalcyzk of Impressions Photography will give a detailed rundown of the many different styles of photography.

Hilary Noyes of Tie the Knot Bridal Couture will be speaking on wedding attire.

Ashley Brockinton Photography will give a presentation about getting the most out of your photographer on your wedding day.

Kelly McWilliams of Weddings by Socialites will give expert advice on creative wedding planning.

Audrey Emerson of Audrey Snow Photography will describe the newest trend in photography, the boudoir shoot.

Kathy Cantu from RED Salon & Spa will be discussing various hair & make-up styles, especially those that will work best with the outdoors.

Not only will brides learn from these industry experts, but they will also be entered into a drawing for several prizes including a $200 Gift Certificate to AMC Video, a Boudoir Session with Audrey Snow Photography, a $200 Gift Certificate to Tie the Knot Couture Bridal Salon, a Engagement Photo Session with Ashley Brockinton Photography, a Bridal Package from RED Salon & Spa, and a Candy Buffet or Escort Card Tablescape (non-floral) from Weddings by Socialites.

Simply put: Wise Brides have the best weddings. And who would settle for less?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Florida Wise Bride is a series of wedding planning seminars for brides getting married in Naples, Captiva Island, Sanibel Island, Ft Myers, Ft Myers Beach or Bonita Springs, Florida.