Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Expert advice from Ashley Brockinton of Ashley Brockinton Photography

Here's an excerpt from one of a great blog post from
Ashley Brockintons photo-log:

Wedding Day Makeup Tips for Gorgeous Wedding Photos

1. Hire a stylist you trust and trust them. Let them do what they think will look best on you. Some times giving them to many dos and don'ts will just confuse and overwhelm. Do, however, bring lots of photos of inspiration and you're dress. Let them help you pull your look together.

2. Matte makeup is good because it absorbs light and helps hide flaws and sweat.

3. Glitter=BAD. Light reflects off of it and it looks like there are little solar flares all over your face in pictures.

4. Go darker and heaver on eye liner and mascara. If you usually wear brown wear black. The more contrast there is between your eyelash line and the whites of your eyes the more your eyes will pop.

5. Don't be afraid of color on your eyes, but also don't feel pressured into color. If you want neutrals that's fine just go much more intense and sculpted.

6. LOVE false Eyelashes.

7. Use primer for skin and eyes to keep makeup sticking to your face.

8. No nude lips. Looks like you drowned and were resuscitated in pictures.

9. Define eyebrows. It makes your face look more structured and your eyes pop.

10. Stay away from tanning. God gave you a beautiful skin color that matches perfectly with your hair and eyes and personality. More importantly, too much tan makes you look orange next to everyone else in pictures.

11. Along the same lines as #10 go very light on the bronzer for pics. It looks muddy on camera. Pinks and peaches keep your face looking fresh and healthy.

Below are some of our former brides and models. In the pictures on the right they have their natural everyday makeup on. In person you would be able to tell they had a full face of makeup on but in the pictures (that were not contrived) you can't tell if they have makeup on at all. The pictures on the right were obviously professionally styled and... how great do they look? Notice how with each girl the dress dictates the style and then the hair and makeup match.

You can read the rest of this blog post, which includes photo and video by clicking here

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